Keeping accurate and up to date books and records is vital to any business owner. Not only is it impossible to file accurate tax or VAT returns without accurate books, HM Revenue & Customs are conducting ‘Business Records Checks’ on many small businesses in 2012. You could be fined up to £3,000 for not keeping ‘adequate’ records.

Bookkeeping can also be an arduous and time consuming task. Time that for most business owners could be better spent running their business.

We provide a full bookkeeping service that includes:

  • Entry of all sales and purchase transactions into our state of the art accounting system;
  • Entry of all bank and cash transactions into our system;
  • Reconciliation of bank statements to the accounts to confirm accuracy;
  • Monthly Profit & Loss reports;
  • Monthly Balance Sheet (analysis of assets & liabilities);
  • Debtors report showing by customer, how much is owed and how much is overdue; and;
  • Creditors report showing by supplier, how much is owed and how much is overdue.

Using our bookkeeping service not only frees up your time to run your business (and therefore make more profit!), it also give you the peace of mind that your books are being kept up to date by experts.

You will have nothing to fear if HM Revenue & Customs decide to do a Business Records Check.