We can make sure you minimise your personal and Corporation Tax bills using effective planning.  There are many ways that tax bills can be reduced but your affairs have to be structured in certain ways before any tax advantages can be gained.  It is no good knowing about an opportunity after the event.

No-one likes to be told that ‘you could have saved £x if you’d done this’.

We’ll help you make sure that everything is structured in the right way to take advantage of the opportunities.

Areas of opportunity include:

  • Using the most tax efficient way to structure a business (sole trader, limited company, etc)
  • The most tax effecient way to structure ownership of a business (e.g. making sure spouses tax allowances are used)
  • Methods of extracting cash from the business to reduce tax
  • Exit planning to reduce the tax on sale of a business
  • Staff remuneration methods that can reduce tax
  • Pension planning
  • Possibility of benefiting from VAT registration

The opportunities available to reduce tax are very situation dependent.  What is a good strategy for one person may not be for another.  We take time to understand your circumstances and make sure we offer only advice that is beneficial to you.

We also work with a number of Individual Financial Advisors to esnure that our clients tax, investment and pension planning dovetail with their business ambitions.